A prehistoric looking bird gnawing at you can't be pleasant. Vinyl Hero saw it as a mission to clarify where vultures stand.

The study about these birds and their aviary terms  (kettle, wake and committee) sets the

background for the song that veers towards a political standpoint where Vultures are Politicians,

Individuals of Power and big C.E.O’s.


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On March 27 th 2020 VINYL HERO have landed their latest single VULTURES in a fantastic collaboration with 

Montreal producer Dave Traina (The Damn Truth, We Are Monroe, Mountain Dust) & Mastering Engineer Harry Hess (Monster Truck, Billy Talent). 



Bold and heavier than the bands previous outing, Vultures is leading the “committee” on avian terms & learning some words about birds! 

And this one gets let out of the cage on all major platforms on March 27 2020!

A hard/stoner rocker that brings home the goods past the heavy riffs, the driving bass & bone breaking drums. 

Vultures is steeped in political nuances. 

With a haunting & powerful vocal performance Ray Howard leads his band’s stance against the “old world vultures” of the modern political system .... or lack thereof! 

Scavengers pecking at remains of what used to be our world! 

Packed with enough avian terms to put a grin on the face of bird lovers and hard rockers alike. 



With taglines belted “it all falls” which lends to what everyone is seeing everyday of modern political times. 

And the lyrical play of “you wait around” that just says exactly ...the only thing we all can really do! 

We wait & watch some “broken plans in shifty hands” gives way to the neglect we see in our environment, education & overall lack of humanity. 

Not all of it is bad news though, 

Vinyl Hero has a bright year ahead of them with the completion of the rest of the album underway with Dave Traina & co-producer/drummer Tiburce Perlau. 

After a national push of this release, a summer is set to follow.